Distinctly Masculine: A Manifesto


We believe that commerce is impossible without community.

Success is multiplied, not divided, and the more people that choose to participate in the economy, give back to their neighbors, and engage with their community, the greater level of success for all.


We believe that shopping should be an experience, not a chore.

Life is too short to be bored. If we’re not surprising, delighting, and engaging you as customers, we’re doing it wrong.


We believe that a few things, done really well, are better than a multitude of sub-par offerings.

Quality trumps quantity, every time.


We believe that dressing well is a mindset.

Style is personal, and your clothes should make you feel good. If you feel good, you look good, no matter what you’re wearing.


We believe in craft and chivalry.

We believe in the value of all people — our investment in ourselves and in others is our legacy.