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It’s a setup for a perfect Dad joke … what are you eating for the “Souper” Bowl?! It’s chili for us, and PS Seasonings are our favorite.  Grab some of our PS Seasoning Rodeo Rub and try a little of their Over the Top Chili this Sunday. INGREDIENTS 2 Lb Ground Beef 5 T Rodeo […]

KNOW HOW: Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is not about men.  We’re not arguing that.  In fact, we’re all for the hearts and flowers, and you can bet we’re preparing accordingly (because the dog house is COLD). But, should you feel led remind your favorite guy that he, too, is important on this, the most loving of […]

HGTV Home Town | The Burks House

First featured on the Laurel Mercantile Co. Journal, March 4, 2018. “He wondered whether home was a thing that happened to a place after a while, or if it was something that you found in the end, if you simply walked and waited and willed it long enough.” ― Neil Gaiman, American Gods Used to be, that […]